Going as solo Muslim feamales in Costa Rica: sunsets, burkinis and a€?pura vidaa€™

What is it like going on a Contiki travel as a Muslim female?

Reach Mariah Idrissi and Saira Arshad. Mariah is definitely a design and presenter, and Saira is definitely an instructor, adventure blogger and all-round electronic nomad. We all joined with one of these wonderful female to assist them experience the Costa Rican lifestyle a€“ within the environment-friendly traditions around the a€?pura vidaa€™ (clean lifetime) viewpoint.

So, exactly how obtainable are a Contiki travels for solo Muslim women individuals? Please read on to listen about Saira and Mariaha€™s has of Viva Costa Rica tripa€¦

Hello Saira & Mariah a€“ let us know about youa€¦

Mariah: we work as an unit and I would speaking in public and consultancy for brand names.

Saira: Ia€™m a primary school trainer, based in the center eastern in the past six age. Ia€™m now putting some cross over from Dubai to Toronto area, and in addition vacationing running a blog while I attain the time period! More